10 Things to Do Everyday!


1. Drink Water

Mandatory!! You need it to live. You need it to think. You need it to function. Drink water to stay hydrated and to feel your best!


2. Be Active

Do a few pushups. Run around your neighborhood for a few minutes. Do something that will get your heart rate up. Maybe even do something that will make you sweat! Being active keeps you fit and healthy, and that is when we feel best.


3. Get Outside

Don’t hibernate! Try to get outside at least once a day to remove yourself from your home. Go outside to experience the world. This also prevents isolation, which is a bonus!


4. Get Organized

Feeling unorganized is awful. It makes it hard to think. It makes us uncomfortable. It is not a fun way to live life. Get organized once a day by making your bed, packing your bag ahead of time, etc.


5. Take Care of Your Skin

Forgetting your skin care routine is a terrible way to start your day. Feeling clean is much better, and it helps you feel ready to tackle your day!


6. Eat Healthy

Everyday is a new choice, which means you can choose to eat healthy at any time. It will help your body physically and mentally. As each day passes, you will begin to find your health improving.


7. Listen to Music

Listening to music is a great way to cope with everyday stress. Take a bit of time everyday to let the real world go and bring in your inner peace.


8. Sleep

We all need time to reboot. Get enough sleep every night for you to be able to function for the rest of the day.


9. Spend Some Time Alone

Being around people all the time can become stressful. Spend a little portion of each of your days to be alone. You can reflect on your life and what you are grateful for.


10. Focus on Your Spirituality

It’s always great to have something/someone to rely on. All of our spiritualities are different, so this may not apply to your life. For those of you who are spiritual, try to incorporate it into your life everyday.

Christine Frey