Master Coping Skills List

Interactive Coping Skills

Be With People

Talk to a Friend

Laugh with Anyone

Spend Time with Family – Play a Game; Watch a Show; Shop

Play with your Pet

Play Group Sports

Go Out with Friends - Go to the Mall; Go Bowling; Go to a Theme Park; etc.

Help Others

Do Volunteer Work for Others

Encourage Someone Else Who’s Struggling

Compliment Someone New

Complete a Single Act of Kindness

Personal Coping Skills


Listen to Music

Play an Instrument



Journal Your Thoughts



Take Photos


Read a Book You Enjoy (not just homework)

Listen to an AudioBook

Quiet Time for Yourself

Deep Breathing



Mindfulness Apps - Headspace; Coloring; etc.

Spend Time in Nature


Take a Hot Shower

Read About Other Mental Health Advocates’ Stories and Struggles

Make a List of Everything Positive in Your Life – Including Your Personal Strengths

Write Positive Affirmations

Make a Goal List of What You Want to Accomplish

Reward Yourself with Each Goal Accomplished


Take a Walk

Go on a Hike

Go to the Beach

Organizing Your Room – Try It!


Rock Climbing

Gardening/Mow the Lawn

Drive Around and Discover New Places

Yell in the Shower

Punch a Pillow

Positive Everyday Practices for Coping

Get Enough Sleep

Eat Healthy Foods

Regularly Exercise

Write 3 Positive Items a Day - About Yourself; About Life; About Others, etc.

Be Confident in Yourself!

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