How Can Teens Stay Mentally Fit During Summer? + FREE 30-Day Challenge!

Mental Fitness…

Mental fitness is just as important as physical. Teenagers need this reminder, and teens need it from someone who understands. I am a teen, and I understand. Here are the 8 realistic ways that I stay mentally fit during the summer!

mentally fit summer

1. Energize Your Brain

Don’t stop thinking over the summer! You might not have to do schoolwork, but our minds must constantly learn. Critical thinking and problem solving are not just school techniques. We think critically and problem solve every day. Basically I am highly recommending that you actively use your mind throughout your summer experiences and adventures. Try not to spend your whole summer sitting on the couch, watching TV, and eating potato chips! :)

mentally fit summer

2. Exercise

Thinking about exercising may not seem fun, but the feeling you get after completing a workout is totally worth it! There is no need to exercise hard core, but 30 minutes of activity a day is adequate. Your mind will be happier and you will feel better overall with a little bit of physical activity in your life. Swimming is a great way to exercise in the summer, but the options are endless. You can lift weights at the gym, go for a bike ride, take an evening walk, or even give your younger sibling a piggy back ride. It’s up to you and your imagination!

mentally fit summer

3. Healthy Eating

Summer comes with several irritations. One of them is the pressure on body image. Too many teens feel like they need to be super skinny or super muscular to have a good summer. This is not true. Every body is beautiful no matter what size, shape, or color it is. You do not need to drown yourself in physical activity or spill all of your tanning oil on your legs. The one thing you absolutely should do, though, is eat healthy foods. Our bodies really appreciate healthy goodies more than junk food. Over the summer, we often eat more food in general because we are not stuck at school all day. Try to make healthy choices so that your mind continues to get the nutrients it needs to function at its best!

mentally fit summer

4. Drink WATER!!

Hydration is essential during the summer. The sun is out, and heat is spreading everywhere. Your mind only runs when it is properly hydrated. Drinking water may not seem like a big deal, but take it from me, IT IS! Bring a bottle of water with you everywhere you go to ensure that you will stay hydrated in any environment.

mentally fit summer

5. Socialize

School’s out, but that is no reason to isolate. Reach out to friends and family to hang out. Keep yourself involved with other activities, so that you are not trapped inside your house all day. Our minds beg for interaction, so we must feed them by being around other people. You can join a club, a sports team, a musical group, or a creativity center. It is completely up to you. It is your life, so set your own limits.

mentally fit summer

6. Set Up a Schedule

Routines are gone. It is summer. However, schedules are still important. Your mind will feel less clogged if you have somewhat of a daily structure in place. This does not mean you must stick to a routine every single day. Flexibility is needed in your daily structure, but having an idea of how your day might go is soothing for the mind.

mentally fit summer

7. Get Enough Sleep

Just because school is not in session does not mean you stop sleeping. You cannot function correctly when you are tired, and neither can your mind. Give yourself preparation for the next day by getting a full night’s sleep. Your mood may also improve, which is a wonderful bonus!

mentally fit summer

8. Have FUN!

Go out and visit your local fair. Go to an amusement park with a friend. Swim in the pool and eat hamburgers at a BBQ. There are so many fun things to do in summer. Believe it or not, your mind is at its best when you are feeling happy. Summer is a time to make memories and meet new people. Enjoy every bit of it while it lasts!

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