How Positive Thinking Affects Mental Health


Lowers Chances of Depression

Positive thinking brings in a sense of happiness that is like no other. I like to think that this happiness confronts depression head on. When depression weakens, happiness peers through. This makes it much harder for depression symptoms to take over.


Eases Anxiety

When you fill your mind with positive visions and outcomes, you are more likely to achieve those visions and outcomes. This helps to ease your anxiety. You have a better sense of control overall.


Increases Confidence

Confidence comes with a positive mind. Thinking about yourself positively is a direct connection to feeling confident. Your mind also strengthens when you feel confident, which strengthens your relationship with yourself.


Strengthens Coping Abilities

Positive thinking is a form of self-talk, and self-talk is an amazing coping skill to have in your back pocket. Self-talk is a great way to calm your mind. When you allow positive thoughts to enter your brain, your mind shifts into a positive mood. This helps your coping abilities take charge.

Christine Frey