High School Advice for Independent Study Charter School Students


Being a student requires lots of planning. It might seem overwhelming for independent study charter school students because they have to plan mostly on their own.


Sticking to Your Schedule

Once you’ve set a schedule, stick to it. If you need to physically be at your school on certain days, then be there. If you are working from home, then do not waste all your time watching TV.


Keeping Up with Your Workload

Letting yourself fall behind is a mistake because it is hard to make up your work. You are managing your workload, so manage it with organization and preparation.

Making Friends

Independent study charter schools don’t have much opportunity to make friends. This can be great because there are less “mean girls” but also difficult because there are less “true friends”.


Being More Independent

You will get used to being more independent fairly quickly, and this is important because it allows you to control your own life. You do not always need tons of friends to be happy.


Joining Outside Groups

In order to get interaction with other teenagers, you might want to join a club, group, or team. This gives you something to do when you are not studying, and it gives you a chance to be around other people.

Staying Healthy

It’s easy to make poor food choices when you are at home a lot of the time. It is also easy to slip out of an exercise routine.


Creating an Exercise Routine

Create one, and stick to it! It is critical that you feel good about yourself, and part of that is being healthy and happy. Exercise is the missing piece to this puzzle.


Making Healthy Food Choices

Don’t forget that healthy food choices are also extremely important. Being at home is a great way to start eating whatever you want whenever you want. Try to stay focused and choose foods that are good for you.

Christine Frey