Mental Health Journey | Behind the Story of “Get To Know Me”


Writing my autobiography Brain XP the Book and creating my album Brain XP the Soundtrack was an adventure. It was exciting, therapeutic, and it was a fantastic journey through my struggle with mental health.  It unquestionably was not easy at times. I learned so much from the whole process, and it would not be complete if I didn’t share my experience. I will walk you through my painful experiences and how I used my coping strategies to get through them. There is a deeper meaning to each chapter and each song. Throughout the next ten weeks, I will break down and express these true deeper meanings by bringing to you my series BTS: Brain XP.  I will take you chapter by chapter and song by song Behind the Story of Brain XP.


My first chapter “Get To Know Me” is the welcome to my book, and my song “Get To Know Me” is the welcome to my album. To be honest, I was misunderstood a lot growing up. People saw my surface, but they didn’t get to know the real me. Because other people didn’t truly know me, I started to lose sight of my own life, my personal goals, and my own dreams. I barely recognized myself. I wrote “Get To Know Me” as a way of reminding myself precisely who I am. It gives other people a reason to stop judging and learn more about the people around them. We are not all the people we’ve been made out to be.


**Mental health is an important topic that cannot be ignored. I’m using my experiences of creating Brain XP to help you recognize that you or someone around you may need help. DO NOT IGNORE your symptoms. I am here to give you hope and remind you that you have a purpose and are meant to be here!**

Here are some mental health links that may help you  (especially for teens)

Suicide Prevention Lifeline


OK 2 Talk

Active Minds

Strong 365

Christine Frey