Open Sharing Challenge

Mental health recovery is strengthened by our ability to accept our situations and work to improve them. One way to utilize this ability is by sharing our stories. Our stories are incredibly valuable and have the power to help others. The Open Sharing Challenge encourages us to share these stories. It is also a therapeutic process for us to work through our past experiences to tell our stories. The information below gives you all the details needed to participate in the Open Sharing Challenge!


Step 1: Create a video of you telling your story.

This does not need to be fancy. If you do not have a professional camera, don’t worry. A phone camera is perfectly fine. Use what you have.


Step 2: Choose a length for your video.

This is completely up to you. It can be as short as 30 seconds long. It can be 20 minutes long. Do what you feel is best for conveying your message.


Step 3: Choose the details of your story.

You do not need to include details of your story that you are uncomfortable sharing. Pick what you feel is essential for your message, but don’t stress about it!


Step 4:

Upload to Facebook.

Once you have completed filming your video, you can edit it, but it is not needed. An unedited video is fine and an edited video is also fine. Do what you can and what you feel is best. Upload your video to Facebook with the hashtag #opensharingchallenge. I will be sure to look out for your videos under that hashtag!

Remember to be creative! This is not meant to be stressful. It is purely to share our stories and to help each other.

Here is an example of my Open Sharing Challenge video:

Christine Frey