Teen Coping Skills: Engagement with Others (Pt. 1)

What are Coping Skills?

Coping skills are tools that you can use in moments of hardship. Using these strategies will help you work through your difficulties. They become interactive coping skills when you connect with someone or something during the process.

List of Interactive Coping Skills for Engaging with Others

Here is a handy list of some effective coping skills for engaging with others. Write them down, print them, or screenshot them to have them with you at all times!


Be With People!

Talk to a Friend

Laugh with Anyone

Spend Time with Family – Play a Game; Watch a Show; Shop

Play with your Pet

Play Group Sports

Go Out with Friends - Go to the Mall; Go Bowling; Go to a Theme Park; etc.

When Should I Use These Coping Skills?

There are times when the coping skills listed above are particularly helpful.


Moments of Anxiety

When you are feeling anxious, these coping skills will bring you back to reality. Living in the moment is necessary when your mind is filled with anxiety. The future should not be your concern. Bring yourself to the present by having a conversation with someone or even just by being around someone.

Moments of Depression

When you are feeling very sad, you might feel like being by yourself in your room. However, one of the best remedies to break a mode of depression is to be around others. It gets you out of your own head, so your sad thoughts fade away. Even if it doesn’t last forever, you still got in a few moments of distraction that you didn’t have before.

Moments of Anger

When you are angry, often times it is because you are seeking to be calm. However, being calm requires a unique state of mind. When obstacles get in the way, this unique state of mind disintegrates, and anger builds. We don’t always notice it when that happens to us, but other people can see it much clearer. Being around others will help us stay calm and recognize when we are angry.  


Moments of Fear

No one ever wants to feel fear. Being around people gives us the chance to break through our fears or realize that we don’t need to fear at all. Accepting others’ help is accepting a shoulder to lean on, which is absolutely fine. We are here to help each other, so there’s no need to feel ashamed about accepting help.

Moments of Grief

When you are grieving, these coping skills will bring you comfort. Being around other people is critical because it prevents you from drowning in your own thoughts. People need to be in your environment, so that you do not feel alone.

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