Teen Coping Skills: Harnessing Your Creativity (Pt. 3)


What are Coping Skills?

Coping skills are tools that you can use in moments of hardship. Using these strategies will help you work through your difficulties.

Personal Coping Skills primarily focus on individual coping. However, they are not limited to that. This means you might be able to use these coping skills with others as well.


List of Personal Coping Skills Using Creativity

This list is a guide. You can use the coping skills listed here, but your ideas are also incredibly valuable. Trial and error is bound to happen. Experimenting is the key!



Listen to Music

Play an Instrument



Journal Your Thoughts



Take Photos


My Experience Using Personal Creative Coping Skills

Being a teen is difficult in general. I started experiencing my mental health challenges when I about 11 years old. I entered the teenage world in a fearful state of mind. I had hardly any friends, and school was awful for me.

I quickly learned that coping with the situations I faced on a daily basis was extremely hard. I wasn’t sure what I could do to help myself. In 7th grade, I bought myself a guitar. I had no idea how to play it, but I was determined to make music somehow. I already loved songwriting and listening to music. I wanted a way to create music myself and bring my own original lyrics to life.


I taught myself, little by little, how to play the guitar. Within a few months, I was coping with my issues as a responsible young teen who had come to realize my worth. Music took me to a new world. I didn’t need anybody to help me to cope because I was coping through creativity, which falls in line with personal coping skills.

Everything was not magically fixed. I still had my challenges, but I learned how to deal with them better. Whether it be art, music, or any other form of creativity, expression is the focal point. I got my feelings out through lyrics and melody. There is so much out there for people, especially teens, to positively get feelings out. A tiny bit of effort can go a long way.

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