What Mask Do YOU Wear?

We all have our insecurities, our fears, and our challenges. We all have those moments when we just want to hide. In those moments, our best friend becomes our mask. The mask we can count on to hide all true feelings inside of us. The question is: What Mask Do YOU Wear? and Why Do YOU Wear It?

What is an Internal Mask?

An internal mask is our wall. The wall we put up when we don’t want others to know our real emotion. It is invisible. Nobody can see it, but we know it’s there. We hide behind an internal mask to prevent us from being embarrassed or getting hurt. An internal mask is sometimes called a personality mask because it shields our personalities and reputations. In tough situations, these masks are often put up.

Personality Mask

Personality masks can be very comforting, but are they really good for us? After looking through different personality projects and personality quizzes, I have come to the conclusion that these masks are not always healthy for us. In order to face our insecurities, fears, and challenges, we cannot depend on a mask. We need to be ourselves and dedicate time to appreciate who we are. That will build confidence. It will take time, and it will be frustrating. It is necessary though. I made this realization, but you can make your own decision. Try out some of the personality projects and quizzes I will include below to find out what mask you might have and to determine whether or not you need it in your life.

Personality Mask Projects

Here is a personality mask project with examples that will help you figure out more about yourself and your mask.


As you discover more about your mask, you don’t have to create a physical representation. I would encourage you to take note of the information you do come across, though.

Personality Mask Quizzes

I took a personality mask quiz, and found that my mask would be considered a bravery mask. These quizzes are not 100% accurate, but they may give you an idea of where your emotions come from.



Behind the Scenes of BRAIN XP: The Mask

My book and album both present a portion of my life story that involves my mask. Here is some information about my personal experience with putting up an internal mask.

Chapter Two: The Mask

In chapter two, I faced extreme anxieties when I try to go on sleepovers with my friends. I felt so embarrassed. I would have to go back home every time I tried to attend a sleepover. I didn’t want anybody to know about my anxieties, so I put up my internal mask. I looked absolutely fine, but inside, I was upset and lonely. Sixth grade camp was approaching, and I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get through it. 5 days of camping with my classmates hours away from home. My mask became the only option I felt I had. My mask helped me look great on the outside, but it didn’t help my emotions and feelings. I took several steps to prepare for my sixth grade camp journey. Weekly counseling and sleepover trials made a huge difference. I didn’t need my mask. I needed to put in some more effort and work. You can find out more about my mask experiences and the rest of my story in my book.

Song Two: The Mask

I wrote a song called The Mask, and it corresponds with the story I just told you about. I wrote the song as I reflected on my experiences when I put up a mask. You can listen to it on my Brain XP album. The Mask is all about the opportunities we miss out on when we put up our shields.

The Mask Music Video

Take a look at the music video for The Mask. You might find that removing your mask is best.



Are you ready to rip off your mask? Remember that just being you is far more than enough!

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