Women's Rights Poem: "(UN)defeated!" | Christine XP - Brain XP

International Women’s Day 2019

Friday March 8, 2019 was International Women’s Day. It was a day dedicated to women all over the world. Being a young lady myself, I feel that a day of recognition is necessary. However, I feel even stronger that everyday should be a day of recognition. Women have risen greatly over time, but there is still a barrier that exists when women are compared to men. This barrier is breaking down slowly, and it is our job to help destroy this wall of separation.

Thank You to all the Women in our World!

I would like to commend the women in this world who are actively trying to make a difference. Thank you for your bravery, for your stories, and for setting the examples for the future generations of women. You are fearless, and you bring light to my eyes. I feel more comfortable living in this world knowing there are so many of us who want change. It is our time to positively impact this world. I would also like to encourage the women who live in fear or silence to speak up to the best of their ability. You have been given a voice, and no one should make you feel as if you are unworthy of sharing it. We are taking this world by storm, and we are growing in unity. Women supporting women is trending, and that is huge. We definitely deserve that on our day of dedication, but what do you say? Let’s make it happen everyday!

My Contribution

I sat down in my room and thought for a few hours yesterday. I knew it was International Women’s Day, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to make my contribution. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen table and opened my laptop. I was checking my email when a powerful thought came to my mind. -un is a negative prefix...why not make it positive? Strange thought, huh? I don’t know where it came from, but my mind ran with it. I entered this incredibly weird, yet creative zone, and I just started writing.

An hour later, I had my result. Below is my poem for International Women’s Day. I hope the message comes across :)


***In my poem, all men may seem to be grouped into one category. That is the furthest from the truth, though. When I write words on paper, type words on a computer, or text words on my phone, my mind is the source. My attitude and personality present themselves in the words I have chosen to represent my voice. It is true that all men are often grouped as one, but many times, that is because the word “men” itself is plural. When I use the word “men” in my poem, I am referring to those who have decided that shaming women, ignoring them, or putting them down is okay. I personally feel we do live in a male-dominated society, but there are plenty of incredible men in this world who use their voices for great purposes. So I would like to thank the men in our world who treat women with dignity and respect. I cannot even begin to count how many of you are actively fighting for women’s rights and are overlooked. You deserve acknowledgement as well. Thank you.

Positive Change

This is a reminder that positivity is vital in changing our world, especially the language of mental health. Every step toward equality and toward a stigma-free world is important. Perhaps, if movements are continuing to be made to recognize women, then one day Brain XP will be acknowledged as the movement that recognizes us. Any action that is made with a positive hope as its spark is an action that we, as the Brain XP Community, must listen to and learn from. Inspiration is everywhere.

Christine Frey