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All Presentations Include:

  • Slide Presentation - Customized Based on Client’s Needs
  • Q+A Session
  • Interactive Activity (if requested)
  • Giveaways
  • Free Access to the Teen Toolbox of Coping Skills
  • Free Access to Audio Chapter of Brain XP: Living with a Mental Illness, A Young Teenager's Perspective
  • ***PLUS: Option to Purchase Brain XP: Living with a Mental Illness, A Young Teenager's Perspective at a Discounted Rate

*Presentation facility will provide a projector, screen, audio capability & WiFi Access. Taping of presentation is prohibited, but photography is welcome.

Brain XP’s System of H.O.P.E. Presentation

1 hr 30 minutes

For: Teens & TAY (Transition Age Youth), Parents, Mental Health Professionals

Brain XP - System of H.O.P.E. Presentation takes attendees on a journey through mental health challenges from the eyes of a young teenager just having experienced it and overcoming the daily stigma faced on school campuses from both administration and fellow students. The journey results in a new & unique method of surviving the daily trials of being a teenager in today's world.

H - Healthy Mind - Young People with Mental Health Challenges have strong, unique HEALTHY MINDS that simply work differently than others. The uniqueness that young people can be proud of and share with the world is their Sharp Intellect & Ingenuity, Passionate Creativity & Originality, Deep-Seated Empathy & Compassion, Effective Intuition & Inspiration, Keen Instinct & Insight, Powerful Imagination, Unique Resourcefulness, & Exceptionally Inventiveness.

O - Open Sharing- To overcome the fear of living with mental challenges, young people need to OPENLY SHARE with others - and the best avenues to relate information to young people today is social media. Instagram provides immediate feedback and a sense of connection teenagers crave. YouTube adds visual realness. Young teens also connect to music on YouTube. Today's young people are starving for authentic people to connect to - not the superficial jaded "put on pedestal" images of the past.

P - Positive Coping - To meet the demands of every day life in addition to a young person's daily symptoms, they need a base of POSITIVE COPING skills that works for them as a teenager. These coping skills must take in account the school environment where symptoms flare the most & a level of subtlety to ensure the young person doesn't draw attention to themselves and can remain just of the students.

E - Empowerment - And finally, once these young people have gained a positive self image, the ability to share with others openly without fear and a sense of confidence in their daily routine with their toolbox - they will feel empowered and can advocate for themselves & possibly others.

*Christine XP’s Note: Attendees will leave with a Teen "Coping Skills" Toolbox along with free access to Brain XP social media, videos, blogs, website, and more! I will take teens through my living truth, the System of H.O.P.E. I used this system to bring myself out of the darkness and bring myself to a place of hope. I take struggling young people from wanting to give up and help them envision what life has in store. They must be willing to accept help, and I encourage this concept throughout my presentation. I constantly say that I’ve been the victim of stigma. I held myself back for far too long. Many other teens and young adults are in rocky waters. I am here to help calm them. Most of them have the ability to calm the waters themselves, but they need a little push and a lot of encouragement to do so. I am that push, and I am that encouragement. How do we manage our lives and turn the negatives into positives? The H.O.P.E. presentation gives us the power to find hope, and it includes strategies that will be there for us at any time in life.

Be My Friend Presentation

1 hr 30 minutes

For: Teens & TAY (Transition Age Youth)

The Be My Friend Presentation takes teens through Brain XP’s System of H.O.P.E. while focusing particularly on coping skills. Teens will learn how to use the System of H.O.P.E. to positively change the language of mental health and erase the stigma that exists in our teenage world today. The Be My Friend Presentation emphasizes the importance of understanding. When we, as teens, understand each other, the fear that surrounds us will fade. This presentation encourages teens to be friends and to help each other rather than put each other down. The goal is to work together to create a better atmosphere for ourselves and for our future generations.

*Christine XP’s Note: It is hard to be a teen already, but it is even harder to be a teen who is not supported by a network of people including FRIENDS! This presentation is a great help for teens who are struggling with themselves, but it is also a great reminder for all teens to lend their hands to each other. We take care of ourselves by taking care of each other. Positivity is needed greatly in our teenage world today, and I teach about the concept of teens helping teens as my effort to create a more positive environment. Attendees will leave with a Teen "Coping Skills" Toolbox along with free access to Brain XP social media, videos, blogs, website, and more!

Understand Me Presentation

1 hr 30 minutes

For: Parents

The Understand Me Presentation takes parents through Brain XP’s System of H.O.P.E. and creates a realistic picture of how their child may be feeling. It will help parents understand the battles that teens face everyday especially mental health challenges. The Understand Me Presentation provides insight from a teenager who has faced these challenges and continues to do so today. This presentation also contains a segment called “I wish they knew…” which tackles the fear of communication head on. There are many things that a child wishes their parents knew but are not in a state of mind to communicate. The Understand Me Presentation is a reality check for parents who have little to no hope left that positive outcomes are absolutely possible. It is also encouragement for parents who simply want to help their child get through these tough years but are not sure how to do so.

*Christine XP’s Note: I bring my teenage perspective for parents to feel more connected with the teenage world. This is important because many teens feel misunderstood, unimportant, and alone. We need support, but we also need space. I teach about this balance throughout this presentation. Hope is very much alive, and this presentation is a great reminder of that. Attendees will leave with a Teen "Coping Skills" Toolbox along with free access to Brain XP social media, videos, blogs, website, and more!