Book Christine XP to Present!

All Presentations Include:

  • Slide Presentation - Customized Based on Client’s Needs
  • Q+A Session
  • Interactive Activity (if requested)
  • Giveaways for All Attendees
  • Free Access to the Teen Toolbox of Coping Skills
  • Free Access to Audio Chapter of Brain XP: Living with a Mental Illness, A Young Teenager's Perspective
  • Option to Purchase Brain XP: Living with a Mental Illness, A Young Teenager's Perspective at a Discounted Rate

*Presentation Fee starts at $250 with reasonable travel expenses outside the city of San Diego. Presentation facility will provide a projector, screen, audio capability & WiFi Access. Taping of presentation is prohibited, but photography is welcome.

Brain XP’s System of H.O.P.E. Presentation

1 hr 30 minutes

For: Teens & TAY (Transition Age Youth), Parents, Mental Health Professionals

H - Healthy Mind

O - Open Sharing

P - Positive Coping

E - Empowerment

I will take teens through my living truth, the System of H.O.P.E. I used this system to bring myself out of the darkness and bring myself to a place of hope. I take struggling young people from wanting to give up and help them envision what life has in store. They must be willing to accept help, and I encourage this concept throughout my presentation. I constantly say that I’ve been the victim of myself. I held myself back for far too long. Many other teens and young adults are in rocky waters. I am here to help calm them. Most of them have the ability to calm the waters themselves, but they need a little push and a lot of encouragement to do so. I am that push, and I am that encouragement. How do we manage our lives and turn the negatives into positives? The H.O.P.E. presentation gives us the power to find hope, and it includes strategies that will be there for us at any time in life.

Brain XP’s Be My Friend Presentation

1 hour

For: Youth, Teens, and TAY

It’s all we want. So many of our friends have left us, abandoned us, and walked out of our lives because of our mental health struggles. We are alone and scared. Finding friends is not as easy as it seems, but you have a friend in me. I will take you along my journey, and by the end of it, I am hoping that you’d like to be my friend as well. The power of friendship is so incredible. Support is incredible. Love is incredible. How do we hold on to the people in our lives and when do we let go? Be my friend, and I will let you in on the impact of social media, the effects of a single act of kindness, and the reason why we must learn to forgive.

Brain XP’s Understand Me Presentation

1 hour

For: Parents

Why doesn’t my child talk to me anymore? What doesn’t my child ever get out of bed?? Why is my child hurting inside? What should I do to help?! I can guarantee you’ve asked these questions a thousand times. Here’s my input. PARENTS! LISTEN UP. Your child is begging inside. All they want to say is, “UNDERSTAND ME!” However, they may not be able to communicate well enough to get that across. I am here to help you navigate. The struggle is not just your child’s burden. It has now become yours. Am I right? If your child is hurting, so are you. How do I help my child as they struggle with their mental health state? This presentation focuses on how to help your child through their mental health challenges, and it also focuses on how to help yourself in these times. It is not your sole job to keep your family together. If everyone is slowly shutting down, it likely means everyone is hurting in some way. Let’s pick up the pieces and get back on the right track with the Understand Me Presentation!

Brain XP’s Believe Presentation

1 hour

For: Churches, Spiritual Groups, Faith Leaders

Trust is hard to come by nowadays. I get it. Mental health and spirituality do not mix for many people. I get that also, but believing seems to be something that we can count on. Believing and trusting yourself is one important part, but simply finding your inner spirituality can bring loads of comfort. How do we fuse our mental health hardships without compromising our beliefs? This presentation gives you all of my secrets on how to stay strong in faith while the darkness is creeping in.