What Does Brain XP Offer?


BRAIN XP offers live presentations. The main goal in each presentation is to educate attendees on the positive way to approach mental illness. Attendees enter the presentation in the scary world of mental illness and leave in the positive world of hope called Brain XP! Presentations are given by Christine Marie Frey (ME!) to give a true perspective of mental health challenges from the eyes of a teenager.

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Christine’s Frequency

My frequent blogs & videos speak directly to teenagers and offer information on specific challenges teenagers struggle with at school & home.

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Christine XP’s Social Media

My social media offers motivational messages & music specifically geared to teenagers to encourage positive self empowerment. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook provides immediate feedback and a sense of connection teenagers crave. Today's young people are starving for authentic people like themselves to connect with.

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This is my autobiographical journey. Brain XP is the 1st Book that offers a real life teenager's perspective who lives with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder on how to help other teenagers in similar circumstances. (I also recorded Brain XP the Soundtrack to accompany my book. Music is the #1 coping skills for most teens.)

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BRAIN XP Website

I’m sure you have discovered the fifth offering because you are already here! This website offers information for teens & parents about teen mental health. There are helpful resources to connect locally AND an amazing Teen Toolbox of Coping Skills.