What is BRAIN XP? 



Brain XP is a community created by Christine Marie Frey A.K.A. Christine XP (ME!).

I am a teenager battling mental health challenges.

I am dedicated to ending the stigma toward other teenagers who suffer from mental health issues.


BRAIN XP Education

Brain XP education is the use of:

- social media

- videos

- music

- public speaking

that reaches out to YOU! (teenagers) to show everyone that we are not crazy nor alone Our brains are EXPANDED and special. (HINT: Brain XP stands for Brain EXPANDED!)


Changing the Language of Mental Health

Brain XP changes the LANGUAGE of mental health by emphasizing the expanded, creative, insightful & intuitive functions of the brain for those with mental health challenges, especially teenagers! I’ve experienced the stigma, and I’ve been hurt by it far too many times. Quite frankly, I am tired of it. This is our chance to impact others with passion and positivity.



The Brain XP Community is all inclusive, and I am honored to invite you into it. Whether you are diagnosed with a mental health challenge or you are simply a struggling teen, I understand you. Together, we will make it through our difficulties. Together we will make a huge difference. It all starts right here. Join me on this journey of hope and change. As always, I will leave you with these words: Welcome to the BRAIN XP Community. I hope you feel at home. :)