Christine Marie Frey

International Award-Winning Author, Public Speaker, Musical Recording Artist, Mental Health Activist

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Christine Marie Frey is the International Award-Winning Author of Brain XP: Living with Mental Illness, A Young Teenager's Perspective, the 1st Mental Health Book written by a teenager.  Christine started showing signs of anxiety, depression & psychosis at age 12.  Her isolation led her to create the Brain XP Project.  Brain XP provides HOPE to other youth battling mental challenges, letting them know that they are not alone, they are not crazy, but rather their minds are special with greater creativity, empathy and insight - their BRAINS are EXPANDED - BRAIN XP!  Christine wrote her book at age 16, and she has been involved with mental health advocacy ever since. At age 18 now, Christine is an engaging Public Speaker, Musical Recording Artist and Mental Health Activist.